Perfect Home 

Animated Short - In Development

Claire and Ian just bought their first house. Young and hopeful, they are happy to create a home for themselves. Only that the house they bought, is not what is seems and slowly it breaks down their spirit.


Prairie Road Trip (Working Title)  

Feature Script - In Development

Maggie and Amelia, two young women and unlikely friends embark on an epic road trip through Western Canada prairies. Oscillating between being in control and surrendering to adventures they learn that 'crazy' often makes perfect sense, 'eccentric' is purely subjective and talking to yourself is a sign of sound mental health.  


Tastes Like Chicken 

Short - Pre- Production

Aggie is about to turn 40. In order to find a more or less dignified way to cope with her impending birthday, Aggie meets with her “council of women”. First, her women heroes who she looks up to: gorgeous, elegant, agile and one who is not so much. She then turns to her best friends who give her their advice ranging from not surviving a stroke, the morals behind a crocodile teriyaki dish, and the benefits of working out. As Aggie contemplates her options she manages to trim them down to two: a) throw a party; or b) have a nervous breakdown. While not a ‘spring chicken’ anymore, Aggie is going to have to learn how to navigate the trenches of mid-life womanhood.

Tastes Like Chicken, tastes more like salted caramel cream donuts with bacon bits and a side of mash potatoes: improbable, absurd, guilt ridden, delightfully funny and uncannily sensible.  Aggie is not going uphill without a fight. Her self inspection It is a testament to women’s resilience, camaraderie, rock solid logic, and full of beneficial advice about everything there is to know about.